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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to rip 3D Blu-ray for viewing on HTC Vive

With a Vive headset unit, two controllers, two base stations, a link box to connect the headset with your PC, USB cables, power cables and other accessories, you are able to get the most vivid VR experience via HTC Vive. As a disc lover, ever thought of getting your 3D Blu-ray collections to HTC Vive for watching, on one hand, instead of going to the cinema, on other hand, to get rid of the trouble with placing them in Blu-ray player and even avoid considering the region codes of commercial BDs? In this page, we give you the easy solution to watch 3D Blu-ray movies in HTC Vive.

It's important to know most Blu-rays are in the "frame packed" format and HTC Vive goes with 3D Blu-ray technology involved. To work this out, the only route is to rip 3D Blu-rays to HTC Vive supported file type. To finish this task, a professional 3D Blu-ray ripper is needed. 

Here and Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is your best choice, it will save your waiting time when converting Blu-ray to 3D for HTC Vive within minutes by 6X fast-mode NVIDIA CUDA speed-up technology and its preset VR profile.

Moreover, with its build-in editor, you could get more shining effects, crop frame size, trim video, merge segments video and more. For Win users, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, which shares the features with Mac version. Couldn't wait for viewing 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive? Then, go to download the right version and follow the workflow as below.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac/Win:


Other Download: 

Guide to rip Blu-ray to HTC Vive VR for watching in a simple way

Step 1: Insert 3D Blu-ray disc into your external BD driver, and launch the 3D Blu-ray ripping software. After importing, click "Add Blu-ray" to load your movies.    


Step 2: Go to the "Select Format" bar and follow the path "Device" > "VR" > "HTC Vive".

Then follow "Edit" >"3D" > "left-right" or "top-bottom" > "OK".        

Tip: If you like, you can click "Settings" to adjust the output video parameters including video encoder, resolution (Most VR resolution at present is 720P), bitrate, frame rate (the higher the better to avoid dizzy, and the highest framerate Dimo supported is 60 pfs). For watching Blu-ray/DVD to VR headset, "MP4 side-by-side 3D Video(*.mp4)"  from "3D Video" garage is the best suitable choice after we tested.   

Step 3. Hit the "Start" button; this Ripper will start to convert Blu-ray to SBS 3D MP4 for HTC Vive. After conversion, connect the USB drive with computer and head to the destination folder where the converted files are stored (under"Open" button). After that, transfer them to HTC VR headset and play with 3D Video Player app. Now, just enjoy.  

What the VR players available for playing 3D videos on HTC Vive?

If you don't like to watch 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive VR, then you could go to the store and download Whirligig Player and Publisher for windows, both support the Vive, OSVR and any other devices that steamVR choose to support in the near future.

Still have trouble about ripping Blu-ray to 3D videos on HTC Vive VR? Please feel free to Email Us

Contact us or leave a message at Facebook if you have any issues.

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Monday, 9 January 2017

How Can I Watch GoPro Videos on VR Devices

There is a growing collection of 360-degree VR videos available on the Web for you to watch. However, if you have other video shootings like Gopro VR video, is it possible to put these VR video from Gopro into VR devices for playing with ease?

Why GoPro VR Player won't play VR video from Gopro?

GoPro VR Player is a 360-degree video & photo player for computers at their original quality. By default, GoPro VR Player will choose the best default video plugin according to your OS and if you are using an Oculus or not. GoPro VR Player will not play some Gopro videos due to decoding issue

Fortunately, you can change video plugin through the Preferences menu, which will directly affect GoPro VR Player video decoding abilities. GoPro VR Player will use a different video backend according to this setting after you restart the player to apply it. Then tap Reset to "Reset to suggested settings" in the start menu. 

How to Convert VR Videos from Gopro for Playing on VR Devices

GoPro cameras are the best fit for capturing 360 degree videos. With the help of special camera holders and some fancy video stitching software, making the best quality high-definition 360 degree video is possible. After shooting with GoPro and do some editing job, how to get a virtual reality experience with your VR video from Gopro on a VR device like HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift?

Here's why Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is such a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal when you are going to be making VR videos and regularly having to preview Gopro VR videos, convert them to be compatible with various VR devices and even sharing them on all devices that you wish to watch them on.

Get the Best VR Video Converter:

* Convert distinctive audio/video records in the meantime, fundamentally rearranged the audio/video you have to convert to the program.
* It can be wholeheartedly used to edit or play videos on various devices (such as HTC Vive, Samsung VR devices and Oculus Rift, etc.) as required.
* Create 3D modes like Top-bottom, Side-by-Side which can be played on VR devices perfectly
* Intel and NVIDIA GPU hardware animating grows conversion speed.
* It moreover can share videos from the computer and even make ISO files.

It is perfectly compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista & macOS 10.12 Sierra, macOS 10.11 El Capitan, macOS 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion. For mac users, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download: 

Guide: Convert GoPro VR video to SBS/TB 3D Video for VR devices

One: Run the GoPro VR video converter and click "Add File" button to load your media sources.

Two: Tap on "Select Format" bar and basically "Format > Video > MP4" is a universal format for most VR devices. Plus, there are optimized presets for Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc from "Device > VR"; choose a proper one as you need.

Tip: Click Settings button to adjust video/audio parameters like video resolution, bitrate, audio codec, audio channel. According to my experience, anything over 720p does nothing but turn battery energy into heat, due to the screen resolution.

Three: The 3D Video Converter program provides three kinds of 3D effects, you can choose one that match your VR devices, such as Side-by-side (Left-Right) or Top-Bottom.

Before converting your videos, you can preview and edit them as needed. Click the "Start" button to get GoPro VR video compatible with your VR devices. After the conversion, click "Open" button to quickly locate the generated media file. Now you can transfer the converted videos to play with VR devices easily.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Contact us or leave a message at Facebook if you have any issues.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How to Get MKV files to work in HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, which is committed to create an immersive environment that allow users to walk and look around in the simulated world and get the most vivid VR experience with your games and movies. When you get this amazing VR headset to play your favorite VR videos, you will notice with a pity that HTC Vive does not support MKV videos. Then the best solution is a professional VR video converter to convert MKV to HTC Vive supported formats for convenient playback.

In fact, Handbrake can repackage MKVs using different codecs for HTC Vive playback. It supports encoding of several audio tracks, and the audio quality is also quite favorable. But sometimes the output audio maybe a little bit low and it is uncomfortable when you on trip or in crowding space without sound amplifier built in. Worse still, it only supports converting MKV to MP4 or M4V, not into 3D format. In this case, a Handbrake alternative for Windows users to encode MKV is needed.  

Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is the bee's knees, which can help you easily solve "MKV won't work in HTC Vive" problem. The program can help you quickly finish the conversion from MKV to 3D SBS MP4 video for HTC Vive with customized profile settings in original video quality. Besides side-by-side, this software provides Top bottom/Anaglyph 3D outputs to meet different needs. 

In addition, if you want to trim/crop videos, select audio track, add text watermark or apply special effects, all these can be easily achieved with this powerful tool. The equivalent Mac version Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is for Mac OS users. Now download the program and let's learn how to do it.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download: 

Simple Steps to Convert MKV to 3D MP4 for using in HTC Vive

Step 1: Load MKV movie

Launch the MKV to HTC Vive converter and click "Add file" button to load your MKV media sources.

Step 2: Choose an output format

This VR video making tool can convert any video to VR headsets, like HTC VIVE, Samsumg Gear VR or Oculus Riftwithout worrying about audio, video code specifications or labeling. So you can click "Select Format" bar on the interface then navigate to "Device" to choose "HTC Vive" as the output format.

Tips: Custom VR video parameters

Click "Settings" button to do corresponding settings regarding to video, audio like video codec, file size, video bitrate, frame rate, etc. 

Step 3. Set VR video mode and edit VR video

Click "Edit" and find the "3D" option. Since HTC Vive can accept 3D SBS MP4, you can choose left/right mode which allows users to create a 3D SBS video. For skilled users however you can also make use of the advanced video customization options in the video editor software like adding watermarks/effects to VR videos, crop/trim/rotate VR videos, etc. 

Step 3: Start to convert MKV to HTC Vive

Hit the "Start" button to convert MKV to Side-by-Side 3D video for playback with HTC Vive. After conversion, you can hit "Open" to find the generated 3D videos. Then, you can transfer the converted video files to HTC Vive with installed VR players for enjoyment.

Best VR Video Player for HTC Vive Recommend
If you want to play the converted VR video on HTC Vive, you need to install a VR video player on your computer in advance. There are three kinds of player software available in the current market: Virtual Desktop, Whirlig VR Media Player and Vive Cinema.

Virtual Desktop - $14.99
This application is designed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to help you use your computer in VR. With Virtual Desktop, you are able to browse the web, watch videos, or even play games on a giant virtual screen. However Virtual Desktop can only work with Windows 10.

Whirlig VR Media Player - $3.99

Whirligig is also an immersive video player. But the operation for this player is complicated and you are required to download and install the decoder. 

Vive Cinema - Free

Vive Cinema is a free VR player developed by HTC VR NEW Technology team and it can be download from Viveport. Vive Cinema supports many types of video playing such as flat, stereo (3D), 360, and 180. And Windows 7/8/10 are supported by this player.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Convert Blu-ray to 3D SBS MP4 for watching on VR/3D TV

Enjoying 3D life-like stereoscopic video is really perfect, the immersive 3D effect give you totally different experience from that of plain 2D videos. Seeking for a way to play Blu-ray on VR devices or 3D TV with 3D effects? Here shows you how to create 3D SBS MP4 movies from Blu-ray on Windows (10) or Mac (OS Sierra), just read on. 

Well, to rip Blu-ray to 3D SBS MP4 for VR/3D TV, you need a Blu-ray ripping tool. Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, a professional Blu-ray ripper, is the best choice of converting 2D/3D Blu-rays to 3D TV, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift,DayDream ViewHomido VRPSVR, etc.. The program is easy to use and entitles users to freely customize the output videos by changing video/audio parameters, trimming, cropping, adding video effect/watermark freely. 

Best of all, this software offers different 3D effect like Top-bottom, Side-by-Side, Anaglyph, etc. for multiple 3D devices. If you are running on Mac, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, it is fully compatible with Mac OS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, X Lion, etc. 

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download: 

Simple Steps to Rip Blu-ray for Watching on 3D TV/VR headsets

Step 1. Load Blu-ray files 

Launch the Blu-ray to 3D Video Converter program and click the "Load Blu-ray" button on the main interface to load the Blu-ray movies you want to convert.

Step 2. Choose output format

Tap on "Select Format" bar and find "Format > Video", there are a lot of format options for you. Or choose supported format for TV or VR headsets from "Device".

Step 3. Specify video/audio parameters

This Blu-ray to SBS 3D MP4 converter allows you to modify the output video quality. Click Settings button to adjust video/audio parameters like video resolution, bitrate, audio codec, audio channel.

Step 4. Set VR video mode and edit VR video

Click "Edit" and find the "3D" option. You can choose left/right, Top-bottom or Red-Blue mode which allows users to create a 3D video. For skilled users however you can also make use of the advanced video customization options in the video editor software like adding watermarks/effects to VR videos, crop/trim/rotate VR videos, etc.

Step 5. Start encoding Blu-ray to 3D video

Click "Start" button to start converting Blu-ray to side-by-side 3D MP4 video. After the conversion, you can get the resulted videos by clicking the Open button. Now you can enjoy the output 3D videos on 3D TV or VR headsets.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


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Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to Watch any 3D movies and videos on HTC Vive

Of the various virtual reality headsets that have emerged this year, HTC Vive is the one that's most delivered on the lofty promises of VR. It's designed to put your entire body into a digital realm. Once you find some good sources of VR videos, or have regular 3D movies like Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zootopia, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Trek Beyond, Ice Age: Collision Course, or stuff like that, you can start watching these 3D movies on HTC Vive and putting yourself into a virtual world.

Full HTC Vive 3D Movie HOWTO Guide


1. Best HTC Vive Video Converter- Watch 3D videos on HTC Vive
Watching VR video on HTC Vive is a good taster of Virtual Reality within budget. Can any 3D video be viewed on HTC Vive? No. But with HTC Vive Video Converter- Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, you can watch any 3D movies on HTC Vive without error.

With it, you are able convert unsupported 3D movies including 3D Blu-ray to SBS 3D MP4 files for playback on HTC Vive in just few clicks. It has the most amazingly easy to operate interface. Even freshers, who have no information on how to convert 3D movies to HTC Vive supported format, can quickly finish the 3D video conversion by following the guide. It supports not only HTC Vive, but also all VR headsets like Gear VRVR One, Rift DK2, Google Cardboard, etc. and mainstream 3D TV, 3D media players! By the way, thanks to its advanced NVIDIA CUDA technology, you'll going to process your conversion at 6X faster speed while retaining excellent output quality.

If you are a Mac user, you can turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (OS Sierra, El Capitan included), which has the same function as the Windows version.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download: 

2. Buy/Download a 3D movie that is in these formats:
.mp4 .m4v .3gp .3g2 .ts .webm .mkv .wmv .asf .avi .flv. In my opinion, .mp4 is best, while audio is aac.

3. A VR player app
a. Whirligig 
To watch a video, click the Browse button in the top left-hand corner of the menu. You'll be able to browse your hard drive to choose a video file. (Whirligig also claims to support YouTube links in its Settings, but I couldn't get that to work at the time of this writing.)

As the video starts to play, you'll probably want to adjust some settings using Whirligig's heads-up controls. Here's what we recommend for each type of video:
  • Regular 2D video: Set Projector to Cinema or Cinema Curved.  
  • 3D video: 3D video comes in a few different forms, so check the video you downloaded–or the settings you used when you ripped it–to see whether it's Half Side-By-Side, Full Side-By-Side, Half Over-Under, or Full Over-Under. Set the Projector to either Cinema or Cinema Curved, then select SBS or OU instead of Mono. If the video is Half SBS, set Stretch to "100" so it displays in the proper aspect ratio.  
  • 180 or 360 degree video: The video will usually tell you whether it's 180 degrees or 360 degrees on the site you download it from. If it's 180 degrees, set Projector to "Fisheye" and set FOV to 180. If it's 360, set Projector to "Barrel" and FOV to 360. You may also have to tweak "Tilt" for 180 videos or "Rotation" for 360 videos so that the video is facing the right direction.  
  • Full VR video: Combine the correct settings from "3D video" and "180 or 360 degree video" sections of this list. You can also adjust the Scale and Distance settings to fit your tastes, or click the Settings cog in the lower right-hand corner for even more options. Whirligig also has some other cool features like saving different presets, but these basics should get you up and running pretty quickly. For now, sit back and enjoy the movie!
b. Virtual DesktopWhirligig isn't the only way to watch videos on your VR headset, but it was the best cost-to-performance ratio in our tests. If you're willing to pay a little more, Virtual Desktop ($15) is also pretty good, and can do a lot more than play videos–it is, as the name implies, a full version of your PC's desktop in virtual reality. Just play a video in your favorite desktop player (like VLC), set it to full-screen, and go. 

Download and Install Virtual DesktopFirst, download and install the Virtual Desktop from Steam. The cost is $14.99, but well worth it. If your target price is, well, free, then you can download the free GoPro VR player from Kolor. However, you need to start and stop the videos on your desktop monitor and is not entirely VR integrated.

Setup Virtual DesktopThe first thing to do is determine how BIG you want your desktop. The app lets you fully customize the size of the desktop. You can even specify with a simple slider control all the way up to 360 degrees which wrap the entire desktop around you. Although neat, 360 degrees is not too practical. Personally, I like 180 degrees with a screen distance around 3 meters.

Playing 360/SBS Videos
Now you have the virtual desktop installed and setup, playing 360 videos is easy!  Just click the 360 Videos option (top right), then browse to your video. Depending on the video format, you will need to change the Video mode. If you see the image duplicated on the left and the right, then select Side By Side (SBS). If you're unsure which format you need, then just click the option until the video looks good. Very few videos these days are 180 degrees, most are 360 degrees in the video projection option.

Steps to convert unsupported 3D videos to play on HTC Vive

Step 1. Load your 3D movies 

Launch the video converter for HTC Vive, and click "Add file" button to import your source 3D materials. Or insert the Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray Disc drive and click the "Add Blu-ray" button to have movies uploaded to the Blu-ray Ripper.

Step 2. Select output format 

Click "Format" and select "MP4" from "Format > Video" category as the output format. It works on HTC Vive perfectly. 

Tip: Click Settings to adjust the parameters like video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel. 1920x1080 compressed side-by-side 3D should be resampled to 1920x540 resolution full side-by-side resolution. And keep audio in AAC or MP3. 

Step 3. Select 3D mode 

Once you have gained proper information about video types then it is time to set a mode as per your video type so that it can work perfectly on your VR headset. The selection can be done as below:

To get a SBS (Side-by-side) video, click "Edit", turn to "3D" and choose "Left/Right" mode. Finally hit OK button.

Step 4. Start conversion 

Click the "Start" button to start and finish the 3D video to HTC Vive conversion.  After the conversion, click "Open" button to quickly locate the generated media file. Now you can transfer the converted 3D videos to play with HTC Vive using the above methods easily. 

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:


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